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Keyword Position Type Avg CPC Results
antique dealers greenwich 7 LongTail 0.00 € 10,500
antique bookcases 17 MidTail 0.58 € 248,000
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Competitors minerva-antiques.co.uk in organic searches (SEO)

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Competitors SEO Common Tags Rank Category
antiques-atlas.com 2 1,831
antiquesexperts.co.uk 1 43,707
canonburyantiques.com 1 87,263
cylex-uk.co.uk 1 289 Directories
georgianantiques.net 1 53,538

Meta Keywords minerva-antiques.co.uk

antique mirrors antique gilt mirrors gilt mirrors mirror pairs of mirrors antique mirrors pair gilt wood giltwood gilded gesso English French antique English mirrors restoration Minerva antiques Antique Furniture English Furniture Georgian Furniture Victorian Furniture antique chairs antique mirrors antique wardrobes antique chest of drawers antique dining tables Regency Furniture antique tables antique armchairs antique Bookcase antique desks Office Chairs antique Bedside Cabinets antique Linen Press antique coffers Bergere Bureau antique sofa antique settees antique couches.

Meta Descriptions minerva-antiques.co.uk

Minerva antiques, antique mirrors, English, French 19th and 20th century antique mirrors and overmantels. Mirror restoration. Gilt wood, gesso and painted and gilded mirrors, Quality Antique Furniture stocks mainly includes antique chairs, antique mirrors, antique wardrobes, antique chest of drawers, antique dining tables, antique sofas. Minerva Antiques also offers Regency Furniture including antique tables, antique armchairs, antique Bookcase, antique desks, antique lights, office furniture, Office Chairs, antique Bedside Cabinets, antique Linen Press.

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Keyword Position Type Avg CPC Results
antique mirrors Top 1 MidTail 0.76 € 505,000
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Competitors SEM minerva-antiques.co.uk in ads

Websites competing in Paid Ads

Competitors SEM Common Ads Rank Category
achterhuis.co.uk 1 28,613
houseofmirrors.co.uk 1 50,037
overmantels.co.uk 1 32,557
westlandlondon.com 1 24,304
amazon.co.uk 1 2 Books and culture
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minerva (2)
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denim (2)
quote (2)
email (2)
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square (1)
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