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354 1

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317 1

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169 1

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Keyword Position Type Avg CPC Results
owners direct 1 MidTail 0.96 € 3,280,000
owner home 1 MidTail 7.13 € 154,000,000
villas direct 1 MidTail 1.91 € 696,000
holiday homes ireland 1 MidTail 1.15 € 1,240,000
cyprus villas 1 MidTail 1.79 € 924,000
villas in portugal 1 MidTail 1.93 € 10,400,000
villas in italy 1 MidTail 2.03 € 38,600,000
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Competitors ownersdirect.co.uk in organic searches (SEO)

These websites are competing in the organic search results

Competitors SEO Common Tags Rank Category
holidaylettings.co.uk 678 132 Audiovisual information
homeaway.co.uk 635 324
tripadvisor.co.uk 590 16 Hotel reviews
rightmove.co.uk 402 3 Real estate
zoopla.co.uk 320 27 Real estate

Meta Keywords ownersdirect.co.uk

villa apartment property rent holiday villa rental holiday rental self catering rental guesthouse gite accommodation vacation spain portugal algarve costa costa del sol andalucia costa brava costa blanca mallorca majorca menorca minorca ibiza wheelchair disabled golf private pool villen golfkurs spanien vacances españa malta gozo florida orlando disney disney world hotels villas in spain villas in portugal holiday villas vacation owners direct privately owned golf courses let lodging landhauser wohnungen golfkurs feiertag pyrenees granada

Meta Descriptions ownersdirect.co.uk

Owners Direct advertises over 33,000 holiday villa and apartment rentals worldwide - book direct with the owner. Villas, apartments, chalets, cottages, guesthouses and bed and breakfasts in Spain, Balearics, Portugal, France, Italy, Florida, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Turkey and many other popular destinations.

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Total: 150 enlaces. A ownersdirect.co.uk: 144 en texto, 1 en imagen. A otros sitios: 4 en texto, 1 en imagen

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Keyword Position Type Avg CPC Results
owners direct Top 1 MidTail 0.96 € 3,280,000
direct line home insurance quote Right 5 MidTail 7.40 € 207,000
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Competitors SEM ownersdirect.co.uk in ads

Websites competing in Paid Ads

Competitors SEM Common Ads Rank Category
ageuk.org.uk 1 507
directlineforbusiness.co.uk 1 1,556 Insurance
libertyexpatriates.es 1 455
towergateinsurance.co.uk 1 535
broadsuredirect.com 1 2,678
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Keywords for ownersdirect.co.uk

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holiday (20)
with (14)
direct (10)
france (7)
villas (7)
your (6)
from (5)
search (5)
owners (5)
spain (5)
self (4)
golf (4)
villa (4)
rental (4)
offers (4)
cyprus (3)
pool (3)
italy (3)
homes (3)

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